Galapagos: a once-in-a-lifetime luxury journey to experience rare and unique wildlife

It is easy to imagine why the Galapagos Islands are one of the top places to visit of many experienced travelers. Online, you can see many articles, reviews and photos of this exotic paradise, but the truth is, that none of them will really do justice to what you see in reality.

When researching online, you will find that some travelers decide to visit the Galapagos by with a land-based itinerary and stay at hotels; whilst others make the correct choice and they decide to explore these lovely islands on board of a luxury cruise, yacht or catamaran.

However, it is clear that nobody goes to the Galapagos only to sunbathe on the boat deck and dive all day long… travelers to Galapagos want to explore, and the best way to do this is on board of a cruise, taking you to all the possible sites

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