Global Travel Conspiracy, Episode 46 – Q&A Volume 3

For this episode of the Global Travel Conspiracy, I answer your question about his new additions to gear, upgrading camera gear, 3 important lessons about self-taught photography, purposeful practice, gear to carry, mirrorless cameras, what is best camera to carry, stock photography, renting gear for trip, smartphone photography tips (including nighttime photography tips), and watermarking photos.

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The full list of questions on this episode:

What is the newest addition to your gear? As a self-taught photographer, what are the 3 most important lessons you’ve learned about photography along the way? What is the most and least photogenic UNESCO sites? When using smartphone as a camera, have you heard of people drop of their phones because of taking a photo? How do you recommend lightening camera gear load? What do you carry? Do you see trends in photography that are important? What places

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