Good and Bad Value

One of my friends remarked that I’m really obsessed with value. It’s true. I love spending money on things that are great value and I hate spending money on things that are a bad value. I thought I’d share a few examples of ways I’ve spent money that feel like good and bad values.

Island — Good

The island may be the best money I’ve ever spent. I’m here now, bugbitten, sunburned, and happy. It’s a pretty untamed forest that my friends and I constantly hack away at and build in, and that opportunity is what makes it a great value. Maybe some day we’ll come here a relaxing getaway, but for now it’s just work and connection with nature.

Fancy Meals — Bad

Just about any time I spend over $30 for a meal, it feels like a colossal waste to me. Chipotle costs me about $13 and is

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