Gorilla trekking: Uganda versus Rwanda

Coming face-to-face with a family of mountain gorillas is an exhilarating experience. As the largest of the primates, a silverback gorilla can stand as tall as 1.8 metres, and can weight up to 180 kilogrammes. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that a gorilla trek can be a very nerve-wracking experience, but the local guides and rangers who accommodate you are truly fantastic at what they do. They have visited the gorilla families for decades and consequently, have become part of their family to some extent.

Mountain gorillas habituate in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In East Africa, the set up is more established and the gorilla trekking, logistics and overall experience is faultless in both Uganda and Rwanda. In this guide, we have included a breakdown about experiences in both countries.



Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, located in the south-western part of Uganda,

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