Gran Canaria – A Continent In Miniature

The third largest of the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria is a tropical hotspot just off the coast of northwest Africa that has undeniable pull as a tourist destination. With black lava, white beaches, luxury cruise, and deluxe shopping amongst just some of its attractions, there’s so much to do here that it’s no wonder they call it “a Continent In Miniature”.

Getting in and around

When it comes to arriving at the island, the idea of landing on a cruise ship is inviting, but the most practical way is by plane, with over 70 airlines from all around the world touching down on the airport. As a massively popular tourist destination, finding a flight isn’t difficult and airport transfers in Gran Canaria are just as numerous, dropping visitors off all across the island.

Unless you rent a car, easily done in all resorts, the only other way to get

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