Guadix, Spain

We recently took a road trip to the city of Cartagena, Spain, to meet up with Ang’s parents, who were on a Mediterranean cruise. We wanted to stop halfway between Seville and Cartagena, and the town of Guadix looked like an interesting spot to spend a couple of days.

This town in the province of Granada has pre-Roman history, and was an important city of both the Roman empire and the Moors. Nowadays, it’s mostly known for its historic cave homes. Yes, cave homes!

An entire area of town is a residential neighborhood where families have been living in houses dug directly into the rocks sticking out of the ground. It’s a total trip, but also very interesting and scenic.

That said, we decided to go ahead and rent one for ourselves! After all, how often do you get to stay in a cave home?

Our rental in the

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