Guest Post: Experiencing Life in China

This is a GUEST POST

“What’s that noise?” I ask Josh, referring to the constant pounding I hear, which almost sounds like a gigantic woodpecker coming from the kitchen.  “Ah, CJ is chopping the meat.” he replies. I glance over but I don’t see CJ standing in the kitchen, then I’m surprised to see that he is down on the floor!  Pounding away with two giant meat cleavers, he is vigorously chopping away a giant wooden block with meat on it.  “It’s a tiring job, but CJ told me that he wants to do this the old fashioned way!” Josh adds. The two of us laugh and turn our heads down to the dough in our hands, which we are rolling into balls to prepare to make traditional Chinese dumplings for the New Year celebration.  Our new friends here in China, Gigi and CJ, invited us over to their

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