Habitat zones of the Galapagos Islands

Once a land of bare volcanic rock, the Galapagos Islands are now home to approximately 9,000 plant and animal species. This stunning variety of life is largely due to the wide range of habitat zones that can be seen as you walk across the islands and their varying altitudes. Galapagos habitats are divided into five distinct zones: marine, shore, arid, transition and humid zones.

Marine zone

The marine zone consists of the Galapagos Marine Reserve, which is the second largest marine reserve in the world. The breath-taking beauty and diversity held within these 51,000 square miles (132,000 square kilometres) of protected ocean have granted the waters a UNESCO World Heritage Site status. These majestic blues easily produce a sense of wonder for those lucky enough to experience them.

The rich waters, fed by three major ocean currents, attract life from all over the Pacific. They are home to the

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