Hanging out in Sassi di Matera, UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Sassi di Matera

Sassi di Matera, a Unesco World Heritage Site is one of the first human settlements in Italy. It was almost abandoned in the 50’s when the government forcefully relocated many inhabitants to the developing modern city. Many returned years later and today the city is thriving.

It’s easy to imagine people walking the same alleys and streets thousands of years ago. Many of the cave dwellings have been renovated into luxury accommodations but there is a section that is still in disrepair giving an idea of what it may have been like during the abandoned years.

La Gravina

Across the ravine (La Gravina) you can still see original caves, hike over, into the Parco della Murgia Materana and get a good view back into the city.

Area 8

Matera has many wonderful restaurants and bars to enjoy. Area 8 is a funky spot,

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