Harmony Health Massage, Wellness Spa & Oxygen Therapies

Balance, Nourish, Inspire, Oxygenate, Integrate in beautiful downtown Breckenridge. Harmony Health Massage & Wellness Spa offers therapeutic massages, couples massages, facials, pedicures, manicures, oxygen experience, and ozone sauna therapies. As our special guest, we invite you to join us in our holistic spa on Main St. Relax and renew in the heart of downtown. Quality, professional therapies at nice prices, where your comfort and health are in our hands. Discover the best massage and positive, healthy spa space in Breckenridge. Appointments daily for all ages.

Harmony Health & Massage now offers a sunny, chemical free wellness spa, new oxygen therapy room. Oxygenate in the O2 oxygen therapy room to recover from high altitude symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, headache and sleeplessness. We’ve added natural clay coating to our walls to diminish the effects of electromagnetic frequencies on the body, and have integrated healthful feng shui. Enjoy the health benefits of the peaceful, sparkling, energetic aliveness in our healing arts and wellness spa space.

Our full service wellness spa has your health as our priority. We’ve included pure botanical skin care services, antiaging, hydrating facials, dermaplaning, botanical body scrubs, and total body waxing. Enjoy a spa manicure or

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