Head to the brand-new Burger Museum for flashbacks of juicy memories

It’s not every day you go to a casino with no intention to gamble.

And yet, there we were, parking outside one of Florida’s biggest casinos in search of the recently-opened Burger Museum. ‘Recent’, in this case, means December 2016 – and the entrance to the museum is right next door to the burger museum’s entrance.

Once in, ask if Sef is around – there’s a fair chance he is. The jovial owner is more than happy to show you around the packed one-room collection. Some audiovisual equipment and an app is coming soon, and most pieces have some notes to go along with them. Scattered throughout the museum are the cups, trays, signage, and plenty of other parts of the burger experience – guaranteed to bring back some nostalgic feelings if you’ve been eating burgers for more than a few years.

This prime real estate right next to the casino’s entrance

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