Health Coach and Vegan Blogger Sapana Chandra

“Being bold means moving forward and taking that step forward even when you’re afraid of what’s going to happen and you’re fearful of what could potentially go wrong in taking that step forward but you do it anyway.” ~ Sapana Chadra

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You’re going to love this conversation with Sapana Chandra.

Sapana is a healthy food and lifestyle blogger at Real + Vibrant which is dedicated to supporting people in living their healthiest life.

She’s a certified holistic health coach and food photographer with a focus on plant-based nutrition and holistic wellness. She also happens to have over 99,000 Instagram followers.

Her work has been featured in Thrive Magazine, Clean Eating Magazine, MANTRA Yoga + Health, and her photos have been featured on major social media accounts including Whole Foods, William Sonoma, Cooking Light, SELF, MindBodyGreen and the Huffington Post.

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