Helicopter charter – what are the benefits?

Helicopter charter is no longer used exclusively by celebrities and the super-rich. It is becoming an increasingly popular mode of transport. Not only does it offer a level of flexibility that private jets simply can’t, it is also a very versatile way to travel. Whether you are travelling for business, to a sporting event or hitting the slopes, helicopter charter offers the perfect solution. Read our Top 5 benefits of helicopter charter to find out why.

Point-to-point travel

Helicopters do not need a landing strip; they just need enough space to land. With helicopter charter, it makes getting to your destination a breeze. Depart from you own backyard,  hotel or field and fly direct to your destination. Beat the traffic, save time on transfers and arrive in comfort and style.  If you are looking to make an entrance, then helicopter charter is definitely for you.

Multi-city hops

Some helicopters

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