Help Shape Life Nomadic 2

I’m about halfway through a transatlantic cruise, which means I’m also halfway through writing a new book. This time I’m writing a follow-up to Life Nomadic, since so much has changed about traveling and being a nomad since I wrote my first book. Also, the tech section in that book is embarrassingly out of date, so it’s time for a refresh.

This time I’m focusing on what it takes to be a nomad in a sustainable way. I’m talking about maximizing points and miles, finding flight deals, beating jet lag, packing, gear, government programs like APEC and Nexus, how to make money, how to learn languages, cruising, and flight tricks. I’m also going to get into depth on what I think is the future of nomadism, which is buying properties with your friends.

I’m keeping this post super short because I have a ton more I have to write for

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