Here’s How To Save Money and Meet Like Minded People When You Travel

By Charli Moore

If you book rack rates, visit popular destinations, and travel at peak times, international travel can be expensive. As a very frequent solo traveller I can tell you that for some accommodations and activities I’ve been charged a higher per-person rate that a couple, simply because I’m on my own.

How do I avoid this?

By travelling smart and utilising the sharing economy.

I seldom stay in hotels, even their discounted rates are higher than what it would cost me to book a homestay or secure a house sit. And, I always find like-minded people to hang out with. I simply avoid over-crowded tours and choose to plan my own excursions during which I find myself in places no guidebook has ever featured.

Want to save money and meet like minded people when you travel? Here’s my helpful guide.


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