Highlights from a visit to Poznan!

Poznan was the third stop of our month-long trip through Poland and like Krakow and Wroclaw before it, the city proved to be yet another wonderful surprise – though, at this point, I’m not sure why we were even surprised! I seriously think Poland may be one of the most underrated countries for travel in Europe just hiding in plain sight. So once again, I’m happy to share our itinerary to what I think are some of the best things to do in Poznan on your visit.

THINGS TO DO IN POZNAN Do a full loop around Old Market Square

I know I use a lot of superlatives, but I just have to say it, Poznan has one of the most beautiful town squares I have seen in all of Europe!

We somehow managed to book an AirBnB that was one block from Old Market Square, and I could

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