Highlights of a Week in England

England holds a special place in my heart. I love the pubs, the dry humor, the thousands of years of history.

It’s also a very unique country. Where else would you overhear a middle-aged man on the train talking about how he’s ‘very fussy’ with his tea sandwiches?

I’ll be writing individual posts about the places I loved most. But for now, I wanted to share the overall highlights of my week in the UK.

1. Getting Rowdy in Essex

My first stop in England? Essex. I went to in Essex to see my friend Alice, whom I met while at yoga teacher training in India.

Our night out was hilarious. First, we met Alice’s friends at a bar. Everyone was so sarcastic that it felt like opposite day. One guy said, “You’re really cool, I’m enjoying talking to you.” and I was like, “Are you being serious? I’m confused.” British humor

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