Highlights of the 5 sparkling Greek Island chains best visited by yacht charter

With over 6,000 Greek islands sprinkled over the azure Aegean and Adriatic Seas, one is spoiled to choose exactly which islands to visit and in which island chain; either the Cycladic, Saronic, Ionian, Sporadic or Dodecanese Islands. Without a yacht, one is restricted to only the islands with airports, and then only one island, unless one hires a private jet; as the domestic airlines in Greece all fly from Athens to an island and back to Athens, without commercial domestic flight service between islands. There are ferries and hydrofoils between some of the islands; however, this is not a luxury mode of travel, and in some instances may not even qualify as a moderate mode of travel. Best to discover and enjoy the five different island chains in Greece by private yacht charter, an unsurpassed manner to see, explore and enjoy the Greek Islands the way you want to and

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