Highlights of the Greek Islands

There’s something undeniably romantic about hopping between the Greek islands. Marvelling at brilliant blue waters, relaxing on white-sand beaches and basking in the Mediterranean sun. But, this is also the land of the Greek gods. From the Olympic Stadium to Rhodes’ acropolis and the Minoan palace of Knossos, this is your chance to walk among the ancients. However, there’s a lot to say for simply succumbing to island life. Kayak with dolphins, wander through quiet, fishermen’s villages and indulge with some of the finest Greek cuisine; just-caught seafood and souvlaki skewers are among the highlights. The only problem? There are some 6,000 islands and islets to choose from. That’s why we’ve picked out the following highlights to help guide you.


This is the Greece of glossy travel magazines. Whitewash glitters in the Mediterranean sun, thatched windmills laze slowly in the sea breeze and cobbled alleys lead between inviting tavernas.

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