Hiking the Formidable Mt. Nangtud: Our Epic Hike to the Second Highest Mountain in Panay and One of the Toughest in the Country

By: Richard R. Cahilig

“Ritch, your location please? I’m now in the bus, I’ll be in our meeting place at around 2:00 PM,” I told Ritch in Facebook messenger. We’re going for a major hike. It was an overcast Friday afternoon of May and a bit late for a normal hiking trip. For the record, it was our second duo-hike together. We’ve just agreed a night before. With quick planning and minimal time to prepare, time adjustments were expected to happen.

“I’m on my way, too,” she replied. Ritchel doesn’t just spend her days behind the desk. She works as a teacher in Malay National High School on weekdays and a certified traveler on weekends. We’ve hiked numerous mountains together including the seven-day exploration in the Aklan mountain ranges from Libacao to Madalag and traversing to Culasi, Antique via Mt. Madja-as. Being spontaneous is what made us instantly complement each other.

It was in May, 2017 when we conquered Mt. Nangtud, the second highest and one of the toughest mountains in Panay, within two days and one night, a record that nobody has ever done before according to our guide. We supposed to explore a protected area in the Northwest

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