House Sitter FAQs – Your Guide to Securing Your Dream House Sitting Stay

House Sitting has become a prominent feature on my nomadic itinerary.

It has allowed me to better immerse myself in the locations I visit, whilst giving my bank balance a little respite from financing the cost of accommodation as I travel.

I’ve looked after properties in eight different countries over the last two years, and have learnt a great deal not only about the locations I’ve visited, but also about the many benefits of house sitting. Each sit has presented challenges which have allowed me to learn a range of new skills and although some, such as alpaca herding, may not appear on my employment CV, all have contributed to my list of life experiences.

Having spent so much time living like a local and walking a mile in the shoes of people all over the world, I thought perhaps I might have a few pearls of wisdom that I could share with anyone contemplating applying for their first house

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