How a Cruising Vet Can Prepare for a Disney Cruise

A Disney Cruise is an experience like no other. “Veteran” cruisers of other lines may feel they know what to expect on a Disney Cruise from their prior experience, but there are key differences. Check out these Disney cruise tips to find out how to prepare specifically for Disney Cruise Line sailing.

Your favorite Disney characters perform on board (and roam around to for photo ops as well!) Photo Credit: Jennifer Kaufman / Wayfinding Traveling Mom

If you are an avid cruiser of other cruise lines, you may think that a Disney Cruise will be just like your other cruises, just with Mickey on board. This line of thinking may lead you to do little or no research for Disney Cruise tips, then board and be taken aback at the differences. I have cruised other lines, and am currently preparing for my first Disney cruise aboard the Disney

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