How hotel chains will look after us once we return

With thoughts slowly returning to being able to enjoy an overseas holiday once again, many may be concerned about how they will be looked after once they arrive at their hotel. We have looked into just three popular hotel chains to see what measures they have introduced with your safety, and well-being, in mind.

Of course, we still wait to hear when passengers from around the globe will be able to visit different areas within Europe. Two popular destinations for the UK market, are the Spanish Balearic Islands (mainly a summer destination), and the Canary Islands (a year-round destination). This makes a Canaries holiday a possibility during the winter months at the end of 2020, and into early 2021.

H10 Hotels

Safety and hygiene measures within the H10 hotel chain will follow the recommendations of the WHO. All members of staff will receive training in cleaning procedures as well

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