How Long Does It Take to Publish a Book? (And Other Publishing Questions, Answered)

Rand, reading an early copy of my book on a plane.

Though it’s been a year – almost to the day – since I sold my book, I realize I haven’t written that much about the entire experience. This omission is bizarre if you consider that it’s possibly the single most important moment in my professional career, but makes total sense if you consider that I’m SUPER superstitious. There was a part of me that thought writing about my book deal too extensively would be a bad idea, because someone at the publishing house would see it and think, “There is no way we agreed to publish this woman’s book. Please let her know we’re cancelling the deal and also mail her a box of cockroaches.”

(Note: I do not know why my publisher would be mailing me cockroaches, but this is how anxiety works.)

But now? I’m pretty sure we’ve passed the

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