How Not to Lose Your Luggage and What To Do If You Lose It

Added by on December 13, 2017

You just gut out of your plane, you’re exhausted but ready to roll! All you can think of is the trip ahead of you – that tour you’ve got tomorrow, the museum tickets you have waiting for you, and your sense of wanderlust is at its most heightened.

You head all giddy-like to the baggage carousel and wait for what seems to be a lifetime….Until it hits you. Your bag won’t show up. What happens next? Let me tell you.

You convince yourself that your bag is coming even though everyone has left and the carousel has stopped moving. Totally understandable, and I won’t even tell you that you shouldn’t panic. This stage is where you frantically run around asking anyone in a uniform to please help you. What do you mean you can’t find my bag? I don’t want to fill

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