How Quickly We Adapt

Eleven years ago I switched to a Dvorak keyboard. I was worried that I would get carpal tunnel syndrome if I stuck to Qwerty, so I made the switch. The first few days were pure agony, but then after a week or two it felt as natural as anything else. And, of course, it’s still the keyboard I use and I don’t have carpal tunnel syndrome. Not yet, anyway.

When I visited my friend Derek in New Zealand last year we geeked out and he showed me his linux setup. He used a window manager called ratpoison, which is a tiling window manager. The basic non-nerdy explanation is that instead of windows all piling up on top of each other, they are automatically tiled to be next to each other.

I tried it, hated it, and deleted it.

This summer, because I saw a desktop that used it and looked

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