How The Safari Experience Promotes Eco Awareness

Safaris offer a wildlife/nature experience, and subsequently, serve as an integral part of the overall movement to promote eco awareness.

Although they do work hand-in-hand, many people confuse eco awareness with ecotourism and it’s important to understand the difference. Eco awareness is the ideology of comprehending the fragility of the environment and the afflictions that can be caused by humans. Everything found in the environment plays a specific role in its sustainability – if a piece is destroyed, it can cause a ripple effect of destruction.

The promotion of ecotourism by game lodges in Southern Africa endeavours to help preserve the precious environment by offering ‘green’ activities, which are non-motorised activities such as walking and cycling tours and horseback riding; essentially, any activity that has as little impact on the environment as possible.

Eco-friendly game lodges

Many lodges practice eco-friendly tourism. One of the most notable lodges is

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