How to combine glaciers and luxury hotels in Patagonia

Visiting the vast expanse of Patagonia would not be the same without a visit to at least one glacier. These huge towering blocks of ancient ice are seriously impressive and becoming rarer by the minute as the world gets warmer. In the southern cone it is possible to hike on their jagged peaks, take helicopter trips over their sprawling white expanse, sail past them on a boat, kayak next to their icebergs, or simply admire from afar. Whichever way you choose to view these forces of nature, chances are the weather will be chilly and there may even be snowfall during your trip. Therefore, a warm and cosy hotel with luxurious facilities is an essential when returning from an action-packed day. Here we have complied 5 of the best glaciers, where to see them and which luxury hotel you should choose to stay at;

1. Perito Moreno

The obvious choice

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