How to Maximise Your Business Travel Budget by using the Sharing Economy

If you’ve aspirations of taking your online business on the road and travelling the world, then make a note of the sharing economy businesses featured in this article. By booking services offered through these sites you could save $$$s compared to the standard alternatives.

Catering to travellers who are bringing their preferences as consumers into the corporate world, sharing economy businesses such as Uber and Airbnb are entering the mainstream market.

In fact, one report looking at the sharing economy found that the proportion of businesses surveyed who were either reviewing their sharing economy options or had already incorporated sharing economy providers into their travel policy, surged from 61% to 86% in the space of just one year.^

^ Taken from 2015 data from The Evolution of Travel Policy: A Global View on the Future, ACTE, 2015.

So how can digital nomads, start ups, and freelancers get the most bang for their business buck

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