How to Not Pick an Author Photo for Your Book Jacket

The thing that I did not anticipate when it came to publishing a book (which – wink, wink – is available for pre-order) is that my photo would appear somewhere on it. That seemed really strange, and also made me weirdly uncomfortable, which makes no sense. Like, that’s the point when I suddenly decided to become a private person?

I mean, the blog is full of photos of me. I once even wrote a treatise to my vagina (calm down, there are no actual pictures of it). I have amassed the most unflattering photos of myself in existence and I have confessed to all manner of debauchery and then I PUT IT ON THE INTERNET. Someone, were they so inclined, could flip through all of this while pooping or masturbating. (Let’s be honest with ourselves: it’s probably pooping.)

But as crazy as it sounds, that reality of that has never really sunk in.

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