How to order gelato in Italy like a local

Like ‘fish and chips’ is to the English, and tapas is to the Spanish, gelato is a national dish that is savoured by Italians and enjoyed regularly. For two or three euros you can enjoy a cone or tub throughout the day or whilst joining the locals on their evening stroll, the passeggiata.
You may be thinking, “how hard can ordering gelato be? Just pick your favourite flavour and pay?” Here are a few tips so you can order this tasty cultural treat just like the locals do.

Pay attention to colour

As with all foods, generally if gelato isn’t the true colour of the ingredients you know that it contains colours and additives too. Don’t be lured into the gelateria by any bright colours – banana gelato, for example, should be a greyish creamy colour, not neon yellow!

Pay first

In busy shops before deciding which flavour you’d

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