How to Prepare For a Trip Abroad

Added by on December 10, 2017

You’ve just booked your perfect vacation. You’re ready for a new and exciting country. You’ve pictured beautiful locations and yummy food. What happens when things go wrong. A lost passport, lost medicine, credit card not working, or even a natural disaster? Planning a trip abroad is more than choosing the fun location. It involves the everyday logistics that you’ll need to have a great trip. Preparation is key.

Research your destination

 Research! Research! Research! Visiting a new country is very exciting. There are many things to learn about like  weather, insects, animals, and food. Weather is important because it can have immediate complications. If you’re visiting Kansas in May, you will really want to know what to do when the siren goes off. Insects are another challenge. Many insects carry diseases so it’s important to learn how to repel them. During this

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