How To Prevent Jet Lag (and what to do when that doesn’t work)

I owe an apology to anyone who’s ever experienced jet lag. I’m sorry that I would hear “I have jet lag” and translate it to “I’m a gigantic wimp and get cranky when I’m tired”. I’m sorry that I have proudly boasted about never getting jet lag, thinking that made me some kind of elite traveler. I am so sorry. Following up on that apology, I’ve recently experienced jet lag from hell. Evidently, it is not the same as being mildly confused by what time it is.

Go figure.

The last time I felt this bad was in Australia when I was only slightly above consciousness for a couple of days. Australia is not the kind of place to get an unknown bite mark and not seek medical attention but since I was too busy sweating, freezing, crying, and sleeping in public showers, that’s exactly what I did. Anyway, the fact

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