How To Reduce Your Spend On Mobile Internet While Abroad

I’d imagine that I speak for most people my age when I say that ‘I can’t live without Wi-Fi’.

Sure, if I packed myself off to a digital detox or yoga retreat I could manage for a few days without being connected, but the reality of modern life means that checking my emails, staying up-to-date with world news, and updating my status on social media, are activities almost as vital as drinking my first cup of green tea in the morning.

As a frequent traveller and one-time digital nomad I’m all too familiar with the struggles of finding a reliable Wi-Fi connection on the road. The hours I’ve spent searching for free Wi-Fi and buying local pay-as-you-go SIMs only to find myself repeating the process in another phone store, in another country, a week or so later, could be spent exploring the places I visit or working on my blog.


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