How to Save Some Money During a Trip to Buenos Aires

Added by on November 23, 2018

According to BudgetYourTrip, the average cost of a day in Buenos Aires is around $78. However, using a few clever tips will help you cut it down quite a bit. You can enjoy a trip to this beautiful city even on a shoestring budget, but for that, you’ll need to use some specialized services and plan your trip well in advance so you can get discounts if you want to enjoy some events, like football games. Also, be prepared to walk a lot and learn to navigate the rather complex public transport system of the city.

Buenos Aires on a Budget: Accommodation, Food, Transport, Entertainment Where to stay in Buenos Aires on a shoestring budget

Couchsurfing offers you the cheapest place to stay in Buenos Aires because your stay will be literally free. However, if you aren’t a member of this

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