How to spend 3 days in Agra and see the Taj from every angle!

We came to Agra for the same reason everyone else does: to see the Taj Mahal. This symbol of undying love is one of the seven Wonders of the Modern World and one of the most beautiful buildings in India, so like countless travellers before us, we too made the long journey to see it with our own eyes. (Spoiler alert: it lived up to every single expectation and then some!)

Since our month in India was all about travelling at a slow and leisurely pace, we gave ourselves three full days in Agra (we later learned that most people only stay a night or two!), and fortunately for us, that meant we got to see and do quite a bit around the city.

Now here’s a look at how we spent our 3 days in Agra:

Tour Agra Fort on foot

Agra Fort was the main residence

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