How to spend 48 hours in Montreal for travel snobs

Québec province’s largest city is a place with an unrestrained love for the arts, festivals, all things creative and generally living life to the hilt. To help celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada I spent an extraordinary seven days exploring Montreal and after that week I was captivated. I loved their unique outlook on life and the hugely passionate residents who seem to embody joie de vivre –  it’s truly a city like no other. From a boat spa moored in a gentrified industrial port to a whimsical upscale restaurant, here are my suggestions for how to spend 48 hours in Montreal if you’re a discerning traveller…

Gaze at wonderful art installations in ‘The Village’

Montreal is all about the art (oh and the culture of course!) and there’s arguably no better place to gaze at art in open-air wonderment than the area in what was formally known as the Gay

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