How to Spend a Long Weekend in Provence

Le long weekend is a favourite pastime for the French. Lazy days by the beach, eating good food, and even more time spent exploring every little square inch of chic old towns and offbeat cafés. Coupled with Provence, a long weekend here is the kind of long weekend that you’ll never want to end! This is where sunflowers and lavender grown, where soap is produced, and where some of the finest olive oil in the world is made.

A land of sea, food and good wine, the region of Provence has been the muse for artists, sculptors and writers alike for decades. The region has inspired the likes of Picasso, Van Gogh and Gaugin to name just a few. Even though Provence is the kind of place you could easily stay and explore for ten lifetimes, if you do it right, then a long weekend can be just enough time.

Day 1:

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