How to spend a stylishly cultured weekend in Florence for travel snobs

Florence the capital of Tuscany in Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance and filled with wonderful architecture, art and artefacts. It’s easily one of the best cities to head to if you fancy a stylishly cultured weekend, our writer Emma Clair recommends where to head to…

There is something beautifully ethereal about Florence, maybe it is the stunning architecture or maybe it is the fact that it was the centre of the Renaissance, the stomping ground of Leonardo and Michelangelo whose spirits perhaps still linger among the cobbles and side streets. Here’s how to spend a stylishly cultured 48 hours in Florence to ensure maximum exposure to all this breath-taking Italian city has to offer…

Saturday Start the day with brunch at Se-Sto on Arno

In order to grasp the magnificence of Florence, I would recommend starting your day with a relaxed brunch at Se-Sto on Arno which offers

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