How water has shaped Norwegian culture

We all know that water sustains life. But for Norwegians, whose population is concentrated along the coasts where the famous fjords dramatically cut into the landscape, water has literally shaped their culture. It’s in their heritage—Vikings, after all, were incredibly successful seafarers. They colonized as far away as Greenland and the country of Georgia navigating open water and river systems.

While there are many miles of roads in Norway, much of the transportation remains water-based. It’s common for drivers to wait patiently for the short 10-minute ferries that chug across waterways connecting the end of one road with the start of another. Residents in neighboring villages visit each other and exchange goods and services by hopping on scheduled, public ferries (just like buses). These village-to-village trips used to be much slower and weather dependent, which explains why each little hamlet has a distinct feel and character. This relative isolation in

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