Hundreds of colourful sarcophagi discovered at Saqqara

Hundreds of colourful sarcophagi discovered at Saqqara By on Jun 11, 2022 in Africa, Attractions, Egypt, Going Out, Regions

Ancient Egyptian dynasties buried its aristocracy beneath the desert sand for thousands of years, frequently surrounding them with treasures and trinkets to take with them into the afterlife. The necropolis of Memphis, some 15 miles southwest of Cairo, was the site of the ancient city’s burials.

The archaeological site of Saqqara is where they buried their dead today, and the tremendous extent of the ancient city of the dead is still being revealed. A recent discovery should be of assistance: Researchers recently discovered a treasure trove of items from the site, including hundreds of antique sarcophagi in which the well-heeled dead of ancient Egypt were buried.

More than 250 sarcophagi, 150 bronze statues, and a variety of other antiquities were unearthed from the

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