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We at husky tours run sled dog trips to share our passion for the beautiful nature Swedish Lapland has to offer. We love our four-legged family members and enjoy running them as much as they like. We offer daily dog sledding trips where guests can sit on the sled driven by a professional guide in the mornings and as a northern lights trip in the evening. We also have trips where you can try to drive your own team of dogs or alternatively share a sled with a friend whereby one person sits and one person drives and half way you can swap over. For those that have a little bit more time, we have weekend trips and overnight tours where you can stay at our wonderful wilderness lodge. Our company is located away from the mass tourist areas of icehotel and kiruna. We have our own home made trails which ensure a safe and pleasant adventure. We do not have any other companies in the area.. so its just you, our dogs and nature! Come and enjoy the ride of your life with us…

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