I Try to Distract Everyone with My Review of Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Rides and Some Pretty Pictures

I’ve spent a good chunk of the last week in a panicked rage, watching as our new President swiftly began hacking up the values and the liberties that we as Americans hold dear under the watchful guise of Steve Bannon, the White House’s Chief Nazi Strategist. It reached a fever pitch on Saturday, when he signed an executive order that is – despite some parsing on the part of the Right – a ban on Muslims attempting to enter the U.S. The specific order from the White House was apparently reviewed by virtually no one, and has been applied to green card holders as well as children, some of whom are U.S. citizens (in a response to uproar the White House attempted to halfheartedly step back from this portion of the order). The Federal Courts ruled a stay on the Executive Order, but Customs and Border Patrol continue

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