Ice climbing in Alberta, Canada – braving the almost impossible

We all have a favourite superhero (especially if you’re a young-at-heart man approaching middle age, like me), but Spider-Man is certainly up there with the best-loved of all the planet-saving characters many of us have grown up with. At some point we’ve probably all wanted to be able to climb up the side of a building, sticking to it like super glue, or spray ultra-strong webbing over a bad guy robbing a bank. Well, I’ve yet to find the kind of holiday where you’re able to do the second one of those, but there is at least a place where you can try your hand at the first – as the Rockies in Alberta must surely rank as a strong contender for Ice-Climbing Capital of the World.

My only previous climbing experience was one day during a school camping trip as a 13 year old, so

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