Iceland versus Norway

These two Nordic countries share some characteristics including dramatic landscapes, Viking history, and beautiful trails. But once you scratch the surface, each is distinctively unique. Iceland is wildly popular (for good reason), while Norway—still a bit under the radar—is more recently becoming the regional darling. Can’t decide which trip is for you? Maybe you’re intrigued by both countries and simply want to know what to expect. Perhaps this comparison will help you. No matter which destination you choose, we know you’ll have an amazing time exploring a new place and meeting friendly locals!

The landscape

Iceland’s landscape has been shaped by volcanic and seismic activity. Vast lava fields, black sand beaches, and dark, craggy cliff-faces contrast with moss-carpeted valleys, powerful cascading waterfalls, floating icebergs, impressive glaciers, deep ravines, and hot springs. It’s not called the “Land of Fire and Ice” for nothing. Norway’s landscape, on the other hand, has been carved

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