Illinois 2018: Part 1

Hey, all! It’s been a minute since I posted, as we’ve been on the road and also did a bunch of site maintenance. Anyway, we went to Illinois this year to visit family and friends, and to hang out a bit.

This is part one of some random photos from these visits, even though you might have caught a lot of them on social media. Enjoy!

Back with the family, back with their local craft bar, Tap House.

It was cold when we arrived! We had to up our wardrobe warmth game.

Louis was tired.

‘Merica. SMH.

Fortunately, we have the smile of our niece to make us forget about that ridiculousness.

Cold weather makes us grumpy, though.

But! Bentley is always here to hang out and make us feel better, too.

A 4-foot-tall bobblehead luchador? We really wanted to

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