Illinois 2018: Part 2

Hey all! Time for more memories from our visit to see family and friends in Illinois this year. You can check out part one right here.

First and foremost, new shoes! Wooooooo! 🙂 Better weather finally arrived, so I had to up my game.

Ang and I also had to get our nails done to continue the freshness.

We went out for barbecue with Ben (brother-in-law) and Grace (niece) as well. While the food at Kinfork was pretty damn good, I do have to question their design choice of bug wallpaper in the bathroom. Probably not the best thing for a restaurant…

The food was better than that, fortunately!

Ang also made cookies for everyone. Yummers!

Found a dog in Starbucks…

Went out to meet up with our buddy, Joel, and checked out Dry City Brew Works in Wheaton, IL. Love

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