Illinois 2018: Part 3

More and more and more Illinois for ya! We just can’t help hanging out there with my cool parents, my cool sister and bro-in-law, and our cool niece. We spend a lot of time there, lounging about, during the summer. So, you get a lot of posts from me. *shrug*

Here’s another round of what we did – or didn’t – do with them this year.

Hanging out at Tap House with Heidi and Ben, and our pals, Bob and Lindsey.

Ben and Heidi, looking fabulous.

After our niece’s softball game one day, we hit up the below spot for some BBQ with the family. I won’t even name the place here, because they turned out to be way too right wing for my approval. The food was good, but the signs of ignorance everywhere were annoying enough that I had to actually say something before we left.

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