In pictures: the beauty of Bali, above and below the waves

More of a state of mind than a place, the most popular Indonesian island conjures instant thoughts of a tropical paradise with a soft spiritual soul and a healthy dose of mysticism thrown in for good measure. Bali tops many a traveller’s bucket list and has been drawing the visitors for decades, our guest bloggers the very talented Jeff and Katy Foster from Nomads Expeditions – who have had work published in the National Geographic – showcase their beautiful Bali photography both above and below the waves…

Bali is perhaps most well known among travelers for its world-class surf, booming nightlife scene, and endless colourful stalls of kitschy souvenirs. The island offers a cheap date for Australians looking for an exotic tropical vacation within a relatively short flight from home, and provides travellers from more distant reaches of the globe a gateway into the vast and diverse archipelago of Indonesia.

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