In praise of the mighty Zambezi!

The great Zambezi River (literally meaning “Great River” in the local Tonga language) is the very lifeline of central-southern Africa, a place of legend, adventure and breath-taking beauty. Rising in a remote corner of Zambia before flowing through Angola and turning back to form the natural boundary between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The Zambezi is beguiling, and deceptive. It lures you in with its ever so sluggish demeanour as it wends its way to its ultimate union with the Indian Ocean on the Mozambican coast. Hippos snort, crocodiles bask on the sunny banks and vast herds of wild game come to quench their thirst and disappear again into the surrounding wilderness. This is without doubt, one of the most beautiful areas of Africa.

Sindabezi Island

In these gentle upper reaches you will find Sindabezi Island. Think Robinson Crusoe meets the pages of House & Home. There are just 5 simple

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